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Goris Hotel MinaHotels in GorisՀյուրանոց ԳորիսումՄինա ՀյուրանոցGoris Mina

Rooms Hotel Mina

We are offering elegant rooms furnished with all modern amenities. All rooms have separate bathrooms, thermoregulatory, cable TV, internet Wi-Fi and a hair dryer. The hotel is suitable for businessmen and as well for tourists. We are providing a high quality of service, favorable conditions and preferable prices.

There are 40 rooms (single, double, twin, triple, quadruple, luxe):


• Breakfast and all taxes fees

Тип номера Цена номера
Single room 19.000 dram
Double room (1 person) 19.000 dram
Double room (2 person) 26.000 dram
Family room (3 person) 35.000 dram
Family room (4 person) 38.000 dram
Luxe (1 person) 26.000 dram
Luxe (2 person) 36.000 dram