Mina Hotel Goris | Հարմարավետ՝ ինչպես Ձեր տանը
Goris Hotel MinaHotels in GorisՀյուրանոց ԳորիսումՄինա ՀյուրանոցGoris Mina

Mina restaurant complex is happy to welcome you!

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Mina hotel is offering its hospitable services to tourists, businessmen and individuals at the heart of the miraculous nature of Goris.

For further information and general inquiries, please, give us a call.

Special offers

  • Free cable TV
  • Free Wi-Fi Internet connection
  • Free breakfast
  • Tours


The hotel is surrounded by an amazing nature and is located at 169 Mashtots street, in the city of Goris in Syunik region.

+374 (99) 03-01-19
+374 (284) 3-01-19